Hadoop Training Chennai

Hadoop Training Chennai

Course Overview

Apache Hadoop is ideal for organizations with a growing need to store and process massive application datasets. With Hadoop:  programmers will find details for analyzing large datasets with Hadoop, and administrators will learn how to set up and run Hadoop clusters. The book includes case studies that illustrate how Hadoop is used to solve specific problems.


Hadoop Training Chennai


In this Introduction to Hadoop training course, we will teach you the tools and functions needed to work within this open-source software framework.

This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with Hadoop is required.
You will start out by learning the basics of Hadoop, including the Hadoop run modes and job types and Hadoop in the cloud. You will then learn about the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), such as the HDFS architecture, secondary name node, and access controls. This video tutorial will also cover topics including MapReduce, debugging basics, hive and pig basics, and impala fundamentals.


If your organization is about to enter the world of big data, you not only need to decide whether Apache Hadoop is the right platform to use, but also which of its many components are best suited to your task. This field guide makes the exercise manageable by breaking down the Hadoop ecosystem into short, digestible sections. You’ll quickly understand how Hadoop’s projects, subprojects, and related technologies work together.


Course Outline


  • What Is Big Data?
  • About The Author
  • Historical Approaches
  • Big data In The Modern World
  • The Hadoop Approach
  • Hadoop Hardware Requirements
  • Hadoop Core Vs. Ecosystem
  • Hadoopable Problems
  • Hadoop Support Companies
  • How To Access Your Working Files


Hadoop Basics

  • HDFS And MapReduce
  • Hadoop Run Modes And Job Types
  • Hadoop Software Requirements And Recommendations
  • Hadoop in the Cloud – Amazon Web Services
  • Introduction To Hive And Pig Interface
  • Installing Cloudera Quickstart VM


Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

  • HDFS Architecture
  • HDFS File Write Walkthrough
  • Secondary Name Node
  • Lab – Using HDFS – Part 1
  • Lab – Using HDFS – Part 2
  • HA And Federation Basics
  • HDFS Access Controls



  • MapReduce Explained
  • MapReduce Architecture
  • MapReduce Code Walkthrough – Part 1
  • MapReduce Code Walkthrough – Part 2
  • MapReduce Job Walkthrough
  • Rack Awareness
  • Advanced MapReduce – Partioners, Combiners, Comparators And More
  • Partitioner Code Walkthrough
  • Java Concerns


Logging And Debugging

  • Debugging Basics
  • Benchmarking With Teragen And Terasort
  • Hive, Pig, And Impala
  • Comparing Hive, Pig And Impala
  • Hive Basics
  • Hive Patterns And Anti-Patterns
  • Lab – Hive Basic Usage
  • Pig Basics
  • Pig Patterns And Anti-Patterns
  • Lab – Pig Basic Usage
  • Impala Fundamentals


Data Import And Export

  • Import And Export Options
  • Flume Introduction
  • Lab – Using Flume
  • HDFS Interaction Tools
  • Sqoop Introduction
  • Lab – Using Sqoop
  • Oozie Introduction

Hadoop Training Chennai

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